Rewarding Faith Church

"A Ministry Focused for Soul Winning and Life Development."

Our History

"Rewarding Faith Ministries" Was birthed in 1991, after Evangelist Joseph and Judith Harris began a radio ministry in the city of Detroit on WMKM 1440 AM. It began as a 15 minute 5 days a week evangelistic ministry. Soon after the radio ministry began, they expanded to 30 minutes due to the overwhelming response and expanding listnership.

After one year of radio evangelism and 18 years of traveling evangelism Elder Joseph Harris, along with his wife, The Late Mother Judith Dianne Harris and their 5 children began Rewarding Faith Church. One December evening Elder Harris gathered his family together in his home along with 3 other charter members and established "Rewarding Faith Church of God in Christ." The first service was held January 4, 1992 at the Sheraton Hotel in Southfield, MI. Pastor Harris began this ministry with $116.00 and 8 members, in the opening service more than 150 people were in attendance, along with a 25 voice choir and 75 persons joined the church that day.


  •  Pastor Harris was overjoyed with what God had done and he prayed earnestly for direction concerning the leading of his new flock. While in prayer, the voice of the Lord spoke to Pastor Harris and siad "I will give you a church building within six months" Pastor Harris was ignited in his faith and told his new congregation what the Lord said. Due to the fact that the church was currently having services in a hotel ballroom, they were limited in having traditional church funraisers. The spirit of the Lord again spoke to Pastor Harris and said; "Tithe, Offerings & Sacrifice" Pastor Harris taught Faith thru the word of God and preached the Gospel message to his new congregation and God moved tremendously.    
  •  Within 30 days the church relocated to a larger hotel ballroom due to the growth of the membership. While in prayer a fellow laborer in the vineyard, Pastor Clarence Lewis (now deceased) told Pastor Harris of a church building that was vaccant and he should take a look at it. Pastor Harris did just that. And when he saw the building from the outside God spoke to his spirit and told him; "This is the Place"
  • Pastor Harris was given the keys to the building to do a walk-thru along with the congregation and he told the realty company by faith; "You won't be getting these back." The congregation walked thru the facility and immeadiately felt this would be the place we would call our House of Worship. At this particuliar time, their were many congregations looking for a place to worship, 29 congregations walked thru the facility in interest of acquiring the property but God prevailed on the behalf of his serveant and 4 months after Rewarding Faith Church began in January of 1992, God blessed the congregation with a house of worship 4 months from it's inception. 

"Keep Looking for a Blessing"