Rewarding Faith Church

"A Ministry Focused for Soul Winning and Life Development."

Testimony's of Faith

  Deacon Michael Holland Say's; Ever since I have become a part of the Rewarding Faith Church family, under the ministry of Pastor Joseph Harris my whole life has changed for the better. I have become a better husband & father. I have watched my family grow stronger as I have grown stronger spiritually. My daughter was the first child in my family to attend college and I attribute that to the strong family teaching at this ministry. And today, I can speak openly and freely of the goodness of the Lord. The love and sense of family I felt the first time I came to this church changed my life forever. Thank You Lord for Rewarding Faith!

Denise Lyndsey Say's; When I began to reflect on all the good things that have happened to me since I have been a part of this minstry I tend to tear up because God has truly made a great change in my life. I am a product of the love and compassion Pastor Harris has for people... I was not a member of the church at this particuliar time in my life but I was dealing with the challenges relating to a terminally ill parent. Pastor Harris helped to guide me and my family thru this very challenging time by extending his love, support and spiritual guidance. The Word of God came alive in my life during this time and has been my light and salvation ever since. I love Pastor Harris and my Rewarding Faith Family... 

Marcia McDade Say's; Pastor Harris is a great inspiration in my life and he takes the time to invest in the future and dreams of young people. I have been a part of this ministry since middle school and I had some social challenges and growing pains I never thought I could make it thru, but Pastor Harris has taught me that thru Christ all things are possible and I am now attending the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Go Blue! I love you Pastor Harris!




Tquan Parks Say's; Pastor Harris is great man in my eyes and an example for young men with families.  We all know that economic times are a challenge all over and we know that sometimes we all feel like giving up. Pastor Harris encourages men to not only be men, but to be men after God's own heart. I recieve strength thru the word God gives him. I am proud to be a part of this ministry and his family, he's also my father in-law. Hey Dad! Love You!




Rev. Lee

Say's; Pastor Harris is a mentor and a preaching machine! I am a neighbor in the community and I embrace this church and this family of Pastor Harris I enjoy his ministry and the ministry of his children they are just awesome!



The Dexter Family

Say's; Pastor Harris Rocks!!! We Love You!